SINEX LC1 / LC2 3-in-1 Multifunctional Laptop Bag Stand Case Radiator Bracket Keyboard Support


Main Features:
Perfect Integration Three Major Functions
Perfectly integrates three major functions, replacing the “Laptop Case Laptop Stand, Wrist Rest”, which can not only reduce your burden on the purse, but also greatly reduce the pressure on the shoulder and neck

Not Only a Case
3 seconds change workstation

Simple 3 steps: draw out the laptop, stand up, put the laptop, and the thin and light design, so that you who often travel outside, just lightly go into battle, your mobile office is everywhere

2 Kinds of Angle adjustment
There are 2 kinds of bracket angles that can be adjusted; choose the most comfortable angle according to your use situation and needs. Let the line of sight and screen level, naturally no longer hunch and bend down, from the backache of backache

Ergonomics Keyboard Wrist Rest
Exclusive design of a one-piece wrist pad, which relieves the pressure caused by long-term typing on the wrist, is soft and powerful, and makes the common occupational diseases of laptop workers: “Keyboarder” away from you

Intimate Designs Give You All-round Protection
Ventilation heat dissipation
Stand up the bracket, which can effectively help the notebook to dissipate heat and ventilate. At the same time use soft high-quality leather, do not worry about scratching precious laptops.
Stable magnetic attraction
The laptop case cover and bracket have built-in strong magnets to provide the most stable support for the laptop, so you don’t have to worry about the laptop falling off

Charging Cable Storage reel
The computer charging cable can be stored in the reel, easy to organize, small and portable


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